Experience the music of TAWk in this soulful, mysterious and completely natural aphrodisiac blend of essential oils, absolutes, resins and organic aromatic compounds… A complex aroma that will span not only the generations, but the sexes.It is what life is… dark, gritty and raw with a rare balance between eroticism and innocence. Moody and hard, delicate and uplifting, marrying sophistication with unpretentiousness. It is the foreground where opposites will collide together to become a beautiful singularity of omnia.
The TAWk perfume juxtapose notes that are light, exotic and sweet, colliding against elements that are dark, spiritual and clean demonstrating the obverse symmetry of life. These sparkling unadulterated notes weave a tapestry of color that dances through the air, reminding us not to take life to seriously… provoking a child-like wonder that is playful and lighthearted, yet grounded in stark reality.
Decadent, smooth, sexy, deep, rich and gourmand – as light as fresh air and as deep and dark as earthy tribal fires. Unlike anything you have ever encountered, perfect for all seasons, any occasion, day or night. A multifaceted experience that is grounded, yet ethereal and will leave you inspired and breathless. A scent that will haunt your fantasies as it subtlety mingles with your aura, becoming one with your being. A scent of thee old ways…


Price: $50.00

Tawk sample vial

Price: $5.00

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Category: Oriental/ Amber
Year: 2013
Perfumer: Michael Marano
Label Design: MEWE of TAWk


Organic Bergamot
Organic Black Tea Leaf
Organic Geranium
Organic Coconut

Green Cognac
Coffee Bean
Dark Patchouli
Organic Black pepper
Organic Chocolate

Amber Resin

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Love I can hear Angels Tawk

Feb 18, 2014 by Melissa Michaels

I Can Hear Angels Tawk fragrance fashions an individual scent to everyone. It is alluring and sexy. I love it!

Feb 15, 2014 by Simon lewis

I was overwhelmed by the wonderful scent of this fragrance. What made things even more magical was the way people responded to me when in my presence. They were clearly aroused by the smell not in a sexual way but it made them gravitate towards me or make a positive comment. Females in particular. I'm happy with the product.


Feb 15, 2014 by kimani

When, I first smelled I CAN HEAR ANGELS TAWK, I not only heard them tawk, I saw my Ancestors standing in the wind playing African Drums. The aroma of I CAN HEAR ANGELS TAWK will make you feel like you are dangling off stars like a chandelier and will have you lingering on Planets unknown, running through the Universe kicking up Galaxy dust at Aliens as I AM warp speeding through the vastness of the Galvatron Yamahok. Thank you, Tawk for this fragrance of ETHERNITY. Peace & Blessings-------Alien poE.T.ic

House of Onaram , USA 5.0 5.0 7 7 I've found my holy grail. Where angels and devils play together. Brought together by light, dark, heavy and airy, sex and love, sinful and decadent, confessing and saintly. I'm tra

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